Saturday, 22 October 2016

Robo-Humans Of The Battlefield English

This was pretty good. I would have read more it if it was more than just a short story, too. Too bad, though. Nagai could have actually made a volume story out of this. The setup sounds really interesting. Even more so seeing how it doesn't seem to be based on our Earth. Anyway, my bad for stalling it by working on other things, but it's here now so I hope you all enjoy it. Until next time. See ya!

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Higurashi - Minaaishi-hen Part 1 English

Yup, another chapter from the anthology, but I'll be releasing it in multiple parts as I want to see if there's interest and because I've been stalling that Nagai Robo-Humans short for too long. Anyhow, I've already cleaned up all the pages for it and started translating so it'll be done soon. I just wanted to get some things out of the way first. That aside, this chapter is actually over 100 pages long so it should be good. Oh, and yeah, I'm doing this with Baratomaya from whenwetranslate again like last time, the title translates to "Everyone is Precious/Loved arc", and I was too lazy to find more meme porn images so I just reused that other one. Other than that, until next time. See ya!

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Kyochuu Rettou (The Island of Giant Insects) Chapter 15 Part 2 English Translation

I really wonder where the story is going in this. So far it's been "ahhh, bugs, run", "more bugs, run" but time has been passing over the course of the story so the rescue team (if there is one) might arrive soon. Other than that, they're all gonna die. Anyway, enjoy the chapter. Until next time.

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Futari wa PreCure (Manga) Chapter 3 English

Sorry for taking so long to get this out, but there was a good bit of text, I kinda forgot about it to be honest and it is a side project. In any case, another chapter down. I was a bit puzzled on translating "senpai" as "senior" but it does come off a bit odd and people are more used to senpai so I'll just leave it at that, but I'll fix previous chapters and such when I finish all of this a year from now since I did it s senior before. Anyway, see ya next month!? Unless people actually really, really want me to do more soon. Umm, bye!

Monday, 17 October 2016

Terra ForMars - A New Chapter - #26 (Chapter 199) English

Seems the manga is getting stalled for 2 weeks again. Hmm. Just don't die on us, Sasuga. Take time off if need be. Anyway, not much happened in this chapter but let's hope something will when the manga resumes in 2 weeks. Until then. See ya!

Friday, 14 October 2016

Terra ForMars - A New Chapter - #25 (Chapter 198) English v1.01

This chapter revealed some disturbing news. Mostly the Terra ForMar's true intention. And, eww. I really don't like where this is going. Anyhow, just a little note, Joseph seems to quote his great-great grandfather on the"Rahab, even dead, they play at being Gods" line. And yeah, I checked the volume 1 raw (and the VIZ release) and it's the same line. Other than that, enjoy the chapter. Until next time. See ya!

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Update - 17th October 2016
Fixed a line or two. Links updated.

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Devilman (Mitsuru Hiruta) Volume 1 (English)

This was almost 600 pages believe it or not. Though I would say it was worthwhile doing this as I doubt anyone one the net would have even touched it years from now. Not many people do this type of thing and it's not at the top of their list or on it at all even if they do. In any case, this is the entire thing slapped together into a volume release with all the credit pages removed in favor of a single one at the end. Anyhow, I also included all my credit pages and their original pics in the download if anyone is interested in those. But other than that, I haven't got anything else to say. Hope you enjoy this Devilman manga. See ya!


Made a mistake in the 2nd last chapter. It's just one page so I uploaded it separately. Just overwrite. It's in the same DL folder.